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  • Model:   
  • Material:   ZQAl9-4
  • Weight:   375 (Unit:KG)
  • Outside diameter:   980 (Unit:mm)
  • Inner diameter:   711 (Unit:mm)
  • Height:   960 (Unit:mm)
  • Applicable machinery:   
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With the concept that safety and quality is more important than manufacturing and efficiency,Yongyingda(YYD) has been making every effort to provide all the staff with most safe working environment and the customers with high quality products and service.Our staff have a regular medical check every year and we have strict and complete manufacturing-safe system to avoid any inappropriate working conduct and dangerous elements.

      All products are under the control of the strict quality-supervision system. Any unqualified products should be re-manufactured to meet the customers' requirement.

      Before the sales, Yongyingda listens to customers' demand; in the sales, we have our customers well-informed,after sales, Yongyingda(YYD) helps customers out when problems occur.




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