About us

Henan Dashan Non-ferrous Metal Co., Ltd. has focused on one-stop supply chain service of wear-resistant copper sleeve for more than 20 years, and can provide one-stop service from product research and development, production, processing, technical consulting, sales and independent brand. Main products: copper sleeve, copper lining tile, copper sliding plate, copper nut, copper worm gear, copper slider and other copper alloy products casting and processing. The company has mastered a variety of casting processes such as centrifugal casting, metal mold casting, sand mold casting, investment casting, etc. Castable: diameter φ 40mm-- φ 5000mm; The weight of a single product is 0.1 kg - 5000 kg; Centrifugal diameter ≤ φ 3000mm。

Dashan Nonferrous Metals has been applied in many fields such as mining cone crushing machinery, hairstyle hydraulic equipment, hydropower station equipment, tunnel digging equipment, vehicle equipment, etc.

Dashan's independent "SDG production scheduling management" system can track the production progress, quality control, quality inspection, delivery and other links of each batch of products in real time, which can reduce costs and increase efficiency and guarantee the construction period. At the same time, the factory has a number of CNC machining centers with multi-dimensional detection capabilities such as physical performance, flaw detection, size, etc., to ensure the stable production of products.

The company has been certified as a "high-tech enterprise", a high-tech small and medium-sized enterprise in Henan Province, and passed the ISO9001 quality management system certification, CE certification, and SGS Made in China certification. In addition, it has obtained high lead tin bronze centrifugal casting technology in the industry, high lead tin bronze centrifugal casting technology in the industry, 5 invention patents and more than 40 utility model patents.

The company has cooperated with more than 1000 enterprises such as Liming Heavy Industry, ABB, Red Star, CITIC Heavy Industry, Weike Heavy Industry, SANKVIK, Zhejiang Shuangjin, Northern Heavy Industry, Xinhai Mining Machinery, etc. The company's business also covers more than 20 countries, including Canada, France, the United Kingdom and Russia.

Dashan nonferrous metal business mission: to make the copper bushing more wear-resistant!