Vacuum melting casting process for self-lubricating bronze bushing
column:Industry information release time:2023-06-13 11:37:48

The vacuum melting casting of self-lubricating bronze bushing is a new casting process, and what are its characteristics:

1.The casting process does not come into contact with air and can obtain metals and alloys with minimal oxygen and other gases;

2. Generally, flux is not used to effectively remove non-metallic inclusions;

3. Can produce high-purity metal alloys;

4. It can improve the performance of metals.

self-lubricating copper bush.jpg

Characteristics of vacuum casting ingots:

1. Ingots and castings with low gas content, small segregation, good physical properties, excellent processing performance, and uniform and dense crystalline structure can be obtained;

2. It has a significant effect on ensuring the chemical composition of alloys containing easily oxidizable elements (such as zirconium bronze);

3. For alloys that must be protected by inert gas (such as argon) during ingot casting, favorable conditions are provided.

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