Method and characteristics of continuous casting processing for copper bush
column:Industry information release time:2023-06-12 10:40:24

The continuous casting of copper bush is a processing method in which molten metal or alloy is continuously poured into one end of the water-cooled thin-walled metal mold, causing it to move continuously towards the other end in the mold cavity of the mold, while solidifying and forming, and the casting is continuously pulled out at the other end of the mold.

When the casting reaches a certain length, the casting process is stopped, the casting is removed, and continuous casting is restarted. This method is called semi continuous casting.

The characteristics of this method are as follows: 

1. The cooling and solidification conditions of the casting remain unchanged, so the performance of the copper bush casting along the length direction is uniform and consistent.

2. There is a large temperature gradient on the cross-section of the casting solidified in the mold, and it is directional solidification with good feeding conditions, so the casting has a high density.

copper bush

3. The middle section of the casting is solidified under natural cooling or forced cooling with water outside the mold, which can effectively improve labor productivity.

4. During the casting process, there is no pouring riser system, and using a crystallizer with a smaller copper bush to produce castings with larger lengths reduces metal loss.

5. Easy to achieve automation of the production process.

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