Production of large copper bushs
column:Industry information release time:2023-06-12 10:16:10

Everyone knows that copper bushs have high hardness, good wear resistance, and are not easy to bite. Moreover, they also have good casting performance and machinability. It has extremely strong corrosion resistance. So it is also quite meticulous in the manufacturing process, so what should we pay attention to during its manufacturing process?

The first point: When casting the copper bush, each process must be carefully handled, such as the requirement to place the core in the right position during box assembly, so as not to cause the cast product to be unable to be processed according to size due to this reason.

copper bushs.JPG

The second point: Before processing, the casting should be cleaned first, then the workpiece should be turned on and calibrated first. Then, when processing to semi-finished products, the workpiece should be turned off and cooled down. Due to the shrinkage of copper, in order to process accurately, the workpiece should be placed at room temperature before re turning for processing.

The third point: After the finished product, especially when the straight sleeve is placed, it should not be placed flat and should be placed vertically to prevent deformation.

Fourth point: Packaging should have a margin to avoid deformation caused by accidental collisions during transportation.

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